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Girls Chronically Rock


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About Us

Girls Chronically Rock is a fashion brand for the disability community. The word "chronic" in its name is a reference to people living with chronic illnesses. The fashion line is a collection of apparel items for people living with disability with clothing specially designed for men and women.

The company's mission is to create, motivate, encourage, inspire, and let people know that you rock and can accomplish anything you put your mind to. GCR ADAPTIVE PROJECT is on a mission to let people know that even chronic illness cannot stop them. You can be chronically ill and awesome.

It is not enough to say this to people. We must get them to feel amazing. Achieving that in the disability community involves understanding their peculiarities, their needs, their challenges, and their worries. Being a member of the community herself and someone living with chronic illness, Keisha Greaves, founder of Girls Chronically Rock understands that much of this has to do with getting dressed in ease each day. With the Girls Chronically Rock Adaptive Project, Keisha aims to make men and women with disability feel more confident. Through clothing specially made for them, they would understand that they rock but beyond that they would feel that awesomeness because now they do not have to worry about appearing different in the larger society. The Girls Chronically Rock Adaptive fashion line would make adaptive clothing more accessible and popular in mainstream fashion.

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