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Roxy's Grilled Cheese


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About Us

'm not going to tell you who Roxy is, but I will tell you the story of how this all happened. Roxy's started out as an accident, really. I was in my last year at Emerson College and spending all of my vacation time touring with my brother Mike's punk band all over the US and Europe. We survived on $5 a day, as well as the ever present spreads of bread and cheese from each country we visited. I joked that I could live off of bread and cheese alone, and a lightbulb went off in my head.

Faced with impending college graduation, I went on my first real job interview with a small market research firm. I showed up to my interview in a suit that was far too small. I was hot and uncomfortable, but somehow managed to get a second interview with the CEO. The morning of the interview, it occurred to me - I didn't own another suit. I wasn't willing to wear that awful suit again, so I called up the company before the interview, told them I accepted another position (I didn't), and started thinking of ways where I could live off bread and cheese. Two weeks later I bought a food truck off of Craigslist. But there was a small problem. Food trucks weren't legal in Boston.

I spent the better part of a year bugging every phone number on the city of Boston website until I convinced the Boston Parks Department to give me a food cart license (those were legal). I paid for the permit in full for the year so it would be harder for them to take it back once they realized I had a truck and not a cart. We passed our health inspection and somehow we ended up becoming the first food truck in Boston to

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