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Cambridge School of Culinary Arts


LGBTQ+ Owned

About Us

Our Culinary Adventure

Cambridge School of Culinary Arts was founded in 1974 by Chef Roberta Dowling and her husband William. Roberta was a graduate of Madeleine Kaman’s Modern Gourmet cooking school. She began teaching people how to cook from her home in 1974, and in 1980 began developing CSCA’s curriculum for serious students aspiring to work in the food industry in the greater Boston area and beyond. Roberta celebrated the 30th anniversary of Cambridge School of Culinary Arts in 2004 and was presented with a commendation from The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, recognizing CSCA for 30 years of teaching and inspiring future chefs. She was a friend, a cheerleader, and an advocate for adults transitioning careers into the culinary and pastry arts.

Throughout the decades our curricula have evolved to be rigorous and robust, and to this day we honor our late founder’s love of food, culinary innovation and exploration, and excellence in culinary arts education.

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