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Cambridge Public Library - Collins Branch



About Us

Beginning life as the Gale Lumber Company, the Collins Branch has been a library since 1936. Detailed with outstanding oak accents, the floors, doors, and windows are testaments to the workmanship of a day long gone. The glass in the transom shimmers with age, and the fireplaces give evidence to the building’s beginnings. Because of advances in other areas, both are no longer used but they still remind everyone who enters the library of its original purpose, its character, and its long association with the neighborhood. While some value its quaintness above all else, the library is vibrant and dynamic, offering a comprehensive collection of books, DVDs, audio books, children’s materials and magazines. There are two neighborhood book groups held on the second and third Thursdays of the month. Book groups are a great way to meet new people and discuss interesting titles. Each day the library begins anew, waiting for its patrons to leave their mark and continue the traditions begun so many years ago.

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